Special Thailand Projects Highlight

Important Features of the Special Thailand Project

  • Earn 1000$ per month
  • Free Accommodation during 3 weeks TEFL Course and Internship
  • Course fee is just 1390$ for Bangkok
  • Visa and Work Permit Assistance provided

English is not being taught as the first language in Thailand which means its a non English speaking city, and that is why plenty of jobs are available for English speaking people there. Once you complete your TEFL Certification course, you could apply in any school or language training institute in Thailand. In fact you don’t have to go through the trials and tribulations of applications, interviews or call letters during your TEFL course . Placement assistance will be given by Asian College of Teachers and once you complete the TEFL certification course successfully you will be placed anywhere from a public school to a so called elite school of Thailand. No extra charges will be asked for this favour.

Don’t miss the golden opportunity to earn, study and travel with TEFL course in Thailand.

  • Blaine Fuller"Because I up and listened to this rich white girl back in my home town who had gone through ACT and said it was the most economically sound , choice..." - Blaine Fuller

  • Clare James"The location was more than perfect. ACT classes have been great with experienced tutors but the placement side with Innovative Solutions could be a lot more organized e.g. getting more staff to help... ."- Clare James

  • Dylan Waddell"Wow... A friend recommended me for the course. Pretty much what I expected. Helpful people, knowledgeable staff!" - Dylan Waddell -

  • Tracy Long"Wow... I really liked the location and the price could not be beat. I thought the course was well organized and did a good job of ensuring we received adequate instruction, while not demanding all of our time." - Tracy Long, USA -