Dates of Special Thai Project

Course Location : Bangkok

  • Dates of 2018:
    19th Feb - 9th Mar
    9th Apr - 27th Apr
    11th June - 29th June
    13th Aug - 31st Aug
    8th Oct - 26th Oct
    12th Nov - 30th Nov
  • Certification: TESOL Course 120 hrs
  • Course Duration: 120 hours (3 weeks) full time.
  • Guaranteed Teaching Assignment : Around 4-5 months teaching contract with the School with a monthly salary of 30,000 THB plus free accommodation and other benefits

  • Blaine Fuller"Because I up and listened to this rich white girl back in my home town who had gone through ACT and said it was the most economically sound , choice..." - Blaine Fuller

  • Clare James"The location was more than perfect. ACT classes have been great with experienced tutors but the placement side with Innovative Solutions could be a lot more organized e.g. getting more staff to help... ."- Clare James

  • Dylan Waddell"Wow... A friend recommended me for the course. Pretty much what I expected. Helpful people, knowledgeable staff!" - Dylan Waddell -

  • Tracy Long"Wow... I really liked the location and the price could not be beat. I thought the course was well organized and did a good job of ensuring we received adequate instruction, while not demanding all of our time." - Tracy Long, USA -