Experience the difference with ESL jobs Thailand

Nowadays, with the advent of computer learning everywhere the role and responsibilities of teacher seem to have gone through several changes. Though the part played by a teacher remains just the same, only the teaching props are changed from manual books to digital output. In this age of globalization, English teachers are in high demand. If you aspire to be an English teacher and would like to work abroad, TESOL jobs are there awaiting you. Have you ever considered exploring the Tropical Island of Thailand? If yes, then don’t miss this chance to earn and travel all together with TEFL Thailand. If you are wondering “Why Thailand?” this article could be an answer to you. Read on and know about Asian College of Teachers' Special Thai program which can help you complete a TEFL certification course an accredited institute.

Class duration

When it comes to TESOL classes, Thailand authority is pretty strict. Special Thailand project consists of at last twenty to twenty five classes every week. If you miss a single class no back up class will be provided. The class duration varies from 50 to 60minutes, based on the school timing. The trainings are specially designed, keeping in mind the demands of the local school in Thailand.

Class conduct

These schools in Thailand are quite populated as each class contain 40 to 45 students. The teachers are being trained accordingly. They have to be mentally prepared to tackle the class of 50 students. Thailand schools operates5 days a week excepting Saturdays and Sundays. Class sessions usually go from 8 in the morning to 4.30 in the afternoon. Of course the timings vary in different schools. Apart from taking classes, teachers have to perform other duties as well. For instance, they have to plan the timetables and submit the lesson plans every month. To your relief you can enjoy a number of holidays as the schools remain closed on every Saturdays Sundays and on various holidays of Thailand.


The best part in Asian College of Teachers' Special Thai program is its placement facility. . The candidates no longer have to go through the trials and tribulations of application, interviews or selection. They all are given guaranteed placements in schools all over Thailand. These schools range from temple schools to rural schools and from private schools to the more high class schools. Thereby the placement hazards could be completely evaded here.

Final words

Last but not the least, no matter how fun it sounds working in Thailand is no cakewalk. The teachers have to maintain the professional manners and have to present a positive image of ACT. Record says, the candidates placed after completion of ACT are found to obey the rules and regulations in the best possible way.

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  • Clare James"The location was more than perfect. ACT classes have been great with experienced tutors but the placement side with Innovative Solutions could be a lot more organized e.g. getting more staff to help... ."- Clare James

  • Dylan Waddell"Wow... A friend recommended me for the course. Pretty much what I expected. Helpful people, knowledgeable staff!" - Dylan Waddell -

  • Tracy Long"Wow... I really liked the location and the price could not be beat. I thought the course was well organized and did a good job of ensuring we received adequate instruction, while not demanding all of our time." - Tracy Long, USA -