TEFL course and ESL job in Bangkok

Bangokok is not only famous for its flashy lifestyle and happening nightlife but also for being the greatest TEFL job hub in South East Asia. The largest city of Thailand, Bangkok has been the tourists favourite for a long time. Every year maximum number of tourists are thronged to this main port of Thailand just enjoy its exotic locations and luxurious spas. With the increasing popularity of the city, its TESOL course also has risen into prominence. The forte of comfort and luxury, Bangkok offers cosy and comfortable accommodations to the candidates who apply for the TESOL course. In fact arrangements are made so that the candidates can live at the heart of the city free of cost. However Bangkok is also known for its pristine beauty and traditional culture. Therefore all candidates have to attend a compulsory orientation program on Thai culture and language at the very beginning of the TEFL certification course. So if you are a tourist, who loves to teach English or an English teacher who loves to travel, Bangkok could be your dream destination. Combine study with travelling and complete TESOL course in Bangkok

Why Bangkok

Why do you think you should choose Bangkok over the other cities? Plethora of reasons is there why one should choose Bangkok to attain his TESOL course. First and foremost because Bangkok is one of the most cosmopolitan and of course the largest city in Asia. The most striking part is the city Bangkok is divided into two parts, two cultures. One upholds the modern culture and the other preserves the ancient traditions. This stunning contradiction has given the city an exclusive quality. The Thai people are famous for being jovial, friendly and enjoy fast nightlife. Bangkok is known for its spicy Thai food and intriguing culture. In spite of being such a happening city you will surprised to know the cost of living in Bangkok is quite low. It means during your TEFL course as well as ESL job, you don’t have to spend much, especially when you mostly prefer yummy street foods. As a result you can concentrate on your savings for the future.

Last but not the least , English is not being taught as the first language in Thailand which means its a non English speaking city, and that is why plenty of jobs are available for English speaking people there. Once you complete your TEOL course in Bangkok, you could apply in any school or language training institute in Bangkok. In fact you don’t have to go through the trials and tribulations of applications, interviews or call letters during your TESOL course in Bangkok. Placement assistance will be given by the TESOL program authority and once you complete the TEFL certification course successfully you will be placed anywhere from a public school to a so called elite school of Thailand. No extra charges will be asked for this favour.

Don’t miss the golden opportunity to earn, study and travel with TEFL course in Bangkok.

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