TEFL course Thailand offers free accommodation

With the radical changes in business communication, English has emerged as the internationally accepted language. As a result the demand of well equipped English teachers is quite high. You could be a TESOL English teacher abroad, provided you completed a TEFL certification from an accredited institute. Now if you are worried about the accommodation, placement and other adjoining details, this article could help you out. Read on to know how you can get a comfortable accommodation free of cost, once you get enrolled in TESOL American Institute in Bangkok Thailand.


If you wish to pursue a TEFL career in Bangkok , you will get a number of advantages. The tropical land, Bangkok is famous for its pristine beauty and traditional culture. You will get a lifetime opportunity to experience this heavenly beauty as TEFL course Thailand offers a three week free accommodation here. In addition to this you can check in one day before the TEFL program starts, so that you can take a little time to settle down in a complete new place. However, the best part is you get the privilege to stay at the most renowned hotels of Thailand, located only few minutes away from the amazing beaches. Check the accommodation details here

Reach your TEFL destination a day before the TEFL program

The best part of TEFL is that the course usually begins Monday onwards whereas the accommodation is provided from Sunday 2 pm. It means the candidates get a full day to get acquainted with this amazing city and to enjoy its cynic beauty. In fact this bonus day gives u enough time to get settled in a complete new area. Thanks to the TESOL course Thailand, you have to pay nothing for these accommodation benefits.

Accommodation arrangements

Those who already experienced the horror of living in hostel and shared student residence before might be worried about the accommodation in the teachers training course. You will be glad to know that here you will be provided with double bedded well furnished room, so that you no longer have to worry about the basic amenity and you can focus on study and travelling. This involves no extra charges here.


Last but not the least; you will feel relieved to know that TEFL Thailand offers accommodation during the ESL jobs as well. However since TESOL certification operates in different schools at different cities at various times, it’s always not possible to set an accommodation in advance; it takes a certain time for confirmation.

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