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Special Thai Project - TEFL Thailand Course with ESL Job

TEFL Course Phuket

Special Thai Project in Bangkok

ACT is offering this Special Thai Project to the ambitious teachers. Special Thailand Project involves an intensive 120 hours (3 weeks) TEFL Course in Bangkok followed with a Guaranteed Teaching Job in Thailand where teachers are entitled to get a monthly salary of 30,000 THB with free accommodation..

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ESL Jobs

ESL Jobs

ESL teachers are given a guaranteed placement in schools across Thailand after successful completion of the Asian College of Teachers Special Thai program.There is a wide array of educational institutes in Thailand ranging from ..

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Program Highlight

Program Highlights

With Special Thailand Projects teachers can earn a salary of 30,000 THB in Thailand with Free accommodation. Visa assistance is also provided by us.

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Teach, Travel and Make Money With the Special TEFL Course Thailand

Yes, you heard it right; Thailand has developed itself as one of the mightiest ESL job hubs in Asia. With the advent of e-learning everywhere, the role and responsibility of teachers are being constantly questioned these days. If you are into teaching and fond of adventures, get enrolled in this Special Thai Project with no delay, as it will open a new avenue for your life and career.

Most important features of the Project

  • Earn a monthly salary of 30,000 THB
  • Free Accommodation during TEFL Course and Teaching contract
  • Course fee is 750 USD/617 GBP (without accommodation) - 999 USD/821 GBP(with accommodation)
  • Visa Assistance is provided

Teaching English in Thailand

Recently, the paradise on earth Bangkok offers a grand opportunity of earning, teaching and travelling all together to the young aspirants, who like to teach English abroad. Those who wish to know the Thai culture from a close proximity; it could be an excellent chance for them. Bangkok is offering this special Thai Project to the ambitious teachers, who are inclined to stay and explore the pristine traditional Thai culture.

Course details

ACT is offering the Special Thai Project to the ambitious teachers. The program comprises of an intensive 120 hours (3 weeks) of TEFL Course in Bangkok followed with a Guaranteed Teaching Job in Thailand where you are entitled to get a monthly remuneration of 30,000 THB with free accommodation and other benefits. You can avail this excellent opportunity by paying a nominal amount of 1590 USD/1142 GBP 1390 USD/998 GBP..


The candidates are offered accommodations during the TEFL Course FREE of cost. During your three weeks stay in Bangkok all the accommodation arrangements are made by Asian College of Teachers. Facility of shared accommodation is provided along with the TESOL certification course. Accommodation is also provided to the teachers by the school during 5-6 months of internship. Check the accommodation details here


The greatest benefit this short term TESOL course offers is it empowers the candidates to complete the most of the course and get a teaching career immediately. In addition they can explore the scenic beauty of Bangkok for three weeks then visit a different location of Thailand. Besides this, the candidates are free from all sorts of interviews and paper submission hazards here. All you need to worry about is travelling and enjoying, attending the class, the rest is taken care by the organization itself. Staying in the tropical island Bangkok is a gift in itself as Bangkok with its exotic beaches, haunted lagoons and azure mountains is simply irresistible.


EXCIITE: Excellence, Care, Innovation, Integrity and Teamwork.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to impart quality training to the future TESOL trainers who will contribute positively to the TESOL community by infusing latest TEFL methodologies and lend their unparalleled expertise in a TESOL classroom as they prepare to travel to exotic locations and inspire thousands of English learners across the globe.


Vision Statement

Our vision is to remain the numero uno service provider in TESOL as being pioneers in this field help us understand the needs of TEFL teachers and design programs that best suit their requirements. Our endeavors will always be to produce not only globally accepted but global minded teachers who will teach English to make a difference in the lives of others.


Organizational Values

Asian College of Teachers is committed to providing cost-effective TEFL/TESOL courses that enable aspiring TESOL trainers to develop knowledge and skills through a range of tailor made internationally accredited programs which come with extensive academic and placement supports.

We are into creating lifelong academic relationships with our students and constantly encourage our students to upgrade with our value added courses which aid them to achieve their professional goals.

Our purpose remains to guide them every step of their journey with ACT through effective counseling, continuous support via email, chat and telephone and valuable practicum as they prepare to begin their global TEFL adventure and we desire to produce ESL/EFL teachers of global standard.


  • Blaine Fuller"Because I up and listened to this rich white girl back in my home town who had gone through ACT and said it was the most economically sound , choice..." - Blaine Fuller

  • Clare James"The location was more than perfect. ACT classes have been great with experienced tutors but the placement side with Innovative Solutions could be a lot more organized e.g. getting more staff to help... ."- Clare James

  • Dylan Waddell"Wow... A friend recommended me for the course. Pretty much what I expected. Helpful people, knowledgeable staff!" - Dylan Waddell -

  • Tracy Long"Wow... I really liked the location and the price could not be beat. I thought the course was well organized and did a good job of ensuring we received adequate instruction, while not demanding all of our time." - Tracy Long, USA -